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Petting your phone is for pussies. Watches are cool, ayyy

I was about to delete this post. It is so stupid. But, I decided to leave it. It is proof of how fast things and ideas change. In 2016 I really thought this way… and promptly lost a couple of followers straight after posting this shit… so, after this rant, can you help but read it ? You have been warned…
Fonzie was the epitome of cool. Now, phones are like Fonzie’s comb. They should not come out of your pocket in public places…well, maybe on the train. A few things are more annoying and uncool than a person who in the company of real people, friends, colleagues or clients can not keep his attention away from the phone. Very bad.
Think Paul Newman or Steve McQueen. Watches are the finest, classiest pieces of jewelry a man can wear. Like a pair of nice shoes or a crisp, well tailored shirt, you feel a little bit special when you put them on. It’s like opening the garage door to the sight of that beautiful bike or car. You don’t even have to start them up to feel good. Newman and McQueen certainly knew that feeling. A watch can even tell you the time, maybe the date and some other interesting stuff, in the wink of an eye, without the hassle of grabbing your phone.
An absolute winner is an automatic watch that whirs it’s rotor at every move of your wrist. (Does normal people listen to their watch?) The sweetest sounding watch I ever had was a Nivada chrono with a Lemania mouvement. I got it from one of my father’s clients in his shop in Helsinki and restored it during my time in the watchmaking school. I got some shit from my fellow students (mainly Simo of “Rajamäen Kellotehdas” fame) because of it’s wonky 70’s design and finally sold it to Stephen Forsey. The thing I miss the most about that watch is, that sweet sounding rotor winding up the mainspring.
Smartphones and connected watches are absolutely mind-blowingly useful. You get the app for navigating your yacht around the world, measuring your pulse, finding your Uber man and what not.
I just don’t think that one more piece of disposable electronic crap is cool.
Next time at the dinner table, listen to what your friends have to say, roll up your sleeve to show them your watch and feel like a good man.


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