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Baselworld 2016… 2009, all over, again.

“Care in the design of a wrist watch is necessary if the dial is not to resemble a gas-meter-as the cluttered faces of so many modern watches do”.
The news from Baselworld 2016 are similar to 2009. There’s a stoic calm over the exhibition area. While a few brands are happy, with commands that
will secure production a long way into 2017, most are sucking their teeth, though. What the Swiss watchmaking did not have to deal with in 2009, was a completely new product like the connected watch. Any brand trying to sell a “cheap” watch in 2016 that is not connected is like Nokia in the face of the iPhone a few years ago… the beginning of the end. To make matters worse for the struggling watch companies, the greed of the Baselworld organisation seems to be second to none. What makes me particularly sad is hearing that a company like Zenith, who have a really cool spare parts policy, are enduring some hard times. I wish collectors would realize, at the moment of buying the next watch, what a difference it makes in price and delivery time, to deal with a company like that.
Like during the last economic slump traditional and classy seems to sell better than innovative and over the top. Brands like Patek Philippe and Rolex are hard to beat when collectors shop for investments. But, the absolutely cracking news is that companies, managed by real watchmakers, like Voutilainen, Grönefeld and and Sarpaneva are really kickin’ it, big time. Way to go.
“Students sometimes introduce style for its own sake in an attempt to distinguish their work. Such artificial attraction soon becomes dated and holds little interest for the collectors and patrons of the artist-craftsman’s work”. Amen
Quotes by George Daniels
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